They Don’t Call it the Silly Season for Nothing


After another eventful year that saw the Kabuki Boy team work across some the Entertainment Industries biggest, brightest and sparkliest events, we mistakenly thought that December would give us a moment to breath. After all, its almost Christmas, the internet is abuzz with ‘frenzied’ sales, digital snow is starting to fall across blog pages and cars around Australia have started to adorn themselves with reindeer antlers and giant red noses.

But as they say, there’s no rest for the wicked…

So …

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He’s so hot right now!


Ahhh Fashion, you do keep us entertained. And this week it seems more than usual with Tokyo’s Fashion Night Out sending hordes of fashionistas into Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills to sample, indulge and completely succumb to the cutting edge of Japan’s design aesthetic. And in true Japanese style the lines between fashion, beauty and art blurred significantly with acclaimed artist Takashi Murakami -who previously teamed up with Louis Vuitton- and Shu Uemura launching their 6 Princess collaboration for the 2013 …

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Dude, can you spare some Change?


And if you thought the numbers thrown around on yesterdays highest earning female actors list was impressive, wait to see the figures pulled by the men of the silver screen as Forbes milks its momentary flash of mainstream popularity for all its worth. But even more curious, and slightly more disconcerting than an outdated publication clinging to relevance in the digital age, is the vast chasm of wealth that separates the men from the women. And while equality in …

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the highest paid of them all?


Yep, its that time of the year again when Forbes Magazine strips back it’s eroding self-respect to navigate the blurred line between factual journalism and entertainment news by revealing the accountable paycheques of Hollywood’s fairer sex. So lets jump off of the soapbox, into the bandwagon and onto the coattails of Forbes to reveal the juicy, and somewhat surprising, revelations of Hollywood’s most cashed up ladies… and Julia Roberts.

1. Angelina Jolie, despite not appearing in …

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21 Jumps from Elm Street to Wonderland aka My Depps of Despair


Champion of the Odd, Colonel of Cool and all-round nice guy Johnny Depp has sparked a speculative media frenzy over his latest interview with BBC Breakfast proclaiming that he is getting closer to quitting the acting game (Gasp!), but that he won’t be “dropping out any second.” (Sigh!) Part of the reason the entertainment media is sitting up and taking note is that the 50 year old teen heartthrob’s comments follow another interview which Depp recently gave to Rolling …

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A Night to Remember: The 2013 ASTRA Awards


With many a sore head slowly lifting from the pillows of Australia’s talent elite, the 2013 ASTRA Awards can safely say they delivered a night to remember. Hosted by the divinely exquisite  Deborah Hutton, who bought a mean golf swing and ample sex appeal to the main stage, the night rolled out a near perfect blend of humour, emotion and celebratory antics. From a heart felt standing ovation for Life Time Achievement recipient Bill “Mr. Movies” Collins to a …

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Red takes Yellow (quietly into the night)


Those crazy Chinese film officials are at it again after the sudden announcement that the smash hit animated feature from Universal, Despicable Me 2 won’t be granted a release. With no real reason given for the banning, its more than likely the film could be clashing with some domestic animated feature, as was the case with The Croods, which was pulled from screens in June when it showed signs of eclipsing the domestic box office and pushing local Chinese …

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Joe Manganiello marks his territory at the 2013 ASTRA Awards


The 11th Annual ASTRA Awards just added some major beefcake to its on-stage talent with the announcement that True Blood’s resident Pack Master and Magic Mike eye-candy Joe Manganiello will be taking to the boards of the Sydney Theatre, Walsh Bay to present one of this years big awards.

A fan favourite on the supernatural phenomenon True Blood, Manganiello portrays Bon Temps’ Alcide Herveaux, a loner werewolf thrust into power in order to …

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Who are Australian Film’s 20 most powerful?


The cool kids at Filmink Magazine, under the relentless guidance of their supreme leader and editor Dov Kornits have just released their first comprehensive look at the most powerful and influential people in the Australian Film Industry. And while some of the varied cast of characters are almost obligatory in 2013- such as Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann and the dynamic duo of Andrew Mackie & Richard Payten – the 6 page spread manages …

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And the nominees are…


It’s that time of the year again when the Hollywood elite (and the occasional European import) get all flustered in hopes of hearing their name called during the annual Emmy Nom announcements. This year’s hosts, Breaking Bad‘s lovably junkie Aaron Paul who was joined by Neill Patrick Harris after House of Cards star Kate Mara pulled out last minute, went to air with a list of top-notch talent who will be politely clawing for the gold statues come September 22nd. But …

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